LEYTE, PHILIPPINES, Rising Up Slowly….

Leyte Population: around 2 millions.

While Typhoon Yolanda was devastating the southern Philippines coast in 2013, my wife and I created a relief service through our travel agency to distribute several tons of rice and canned food we shipped by boat, a donation program to help rebuild nearly 100 homes, and distributed dozens of solar lights to villagers of the Ormoc city region who continued using them after the electricity came back on. Later, a Florida high school joined our program by gathering hundreds of shoes from donation, we shipped and distributed to the affected areas.This was OrmocRelief then.



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The Birth of ‘Save The Farmers’

This year, in collaboration with a local company ARIS, generous online donations, and the vigorous help from the mayor of Albuera, Ramon De La Cerna, we launched The Cassava Project...- the first to celebrate the birth of our already popular program:

Save The Farmers.

Save The Farmers is a sustainable work & food system to provide thousands of farmers with perpetual work to feed their family by planting ORGANIC cassava, among other seeds, on their own land; independently from usurious banking institutions or controlling pro-gmo corporations whose goal is to enslave farmers on their own land indefinitely.

While surveying farmland, we found out that most farmers we talked to had vaguely heard of “Monsanto & GMOs”

Today, another problem has been affecting local life, and it will only get worse. Farmers are in grave danger to fall under the dark claws of the GMOs, which for years have tricked farmers into buying their products like the BT CORN and GOLDEN RICE whose long-term effects on people are unknown.But what choice do they have? Not many; everyone must eat. Genetically Engineered seeds are killing native soils around the world!

GMOs have been taking advantage of farmers’ ignorance for years, with dreadful results. As helpless farmers began to watch their lands taken away from them piece by piece, unable to feed their families, many began to commit suicide, one after another.

GMOs Blamed for Nearly 300,000 Indian Farmers’ Suicide in 20 Years.

Every 30 minutes an Indian farmer commits suicide as a result of Monsanto's crops

Posted by Ormoc Relief on  Thursday, June 4, 2015

This is Ormoc today...

Ormoc Relief Philippines
Ormoc Relief Philippines
Ormoc Relief Philippines
Ormoc Relief Philippines
Ormoc Relief Philippines
Ormoc Relief Philippines
Ormoc Relief Philippines
Ormoc Relief Philippines


OUR MISSION, at first, was to provide food, roofing and solar lights to one affected area. We quickly realized the need was far greater as the farming community was losing the battle against the bad weather and big business waiting to take over their land for a loaf of bred.That is when we undertook the next project to create a sustainable work system to allow farmers to keep their lands.

The seemingly unattainable goal became a project undertook by a group of determined volunteers who set up a program to save the farmers' land through our sustainable work & food network: The Cassava Project.

We have already reached the last leg of the project and only need funds to purchase seeds and bundles of cassava stems ready to be planted.

Farmers' independence will save the soils and protect our natural produce from industrialists.If you are concerned with what you eat or how your food is processed, we need your help..

This is not just a fight to protect the Filipino farmers. Imagine for a second the impact it may have if we make it work...but we need to plant now.

As we are reaching the end of planting season, all donations will be allocated to the purchase of seeds and stems.



WHY DONATE TO ORMOCRELIEF.ORG? We set up our ground network with local suppliers supported by a team of dedicated local relief volunteers; so all donations will be applied to purchasing equipment, cassava seeds for farmers, roof material, solar systems(during black out periods only), or food. To see how money is allocated and for transparency, we chose to provide an accurate list of the cost of all materials. In addition, we are affiliated with Dupont Travel, a reputable travel network in Washington, DC for over forty years.

Send your monetary donation via Paypal or for equipment donation, please contact us by email or phone to find out the shipping address in Ormoc. If you do not mention which project you wish to support with your donations, the funds will automatically be allocated to the most needed.

We also understand each new donor's concern regarding the validity of our programs and to establish our credibility, we invite you to meet some of our team in our DC office (1601 Connecticut Avenue NW, suite 502, Washington, DC), by phone or via Skype video meeting.

All donations in the US are (and have been) processed by Dupont Travel until our non-profit organization is formed.




They thank us in advance for anything we can do. Provide shelter, light, food, clean water and help affected Families. Donate Now!