From the day we received the donations online, it took four days for people to receive food.

Soon after we received the money, we purchased our 1000 kg of rice by telephone as our local team works directly and personally with local suppliers. We saved much time, preferential prices and by the same token helped local farmers.
We purchased the can goods in Cebu via a food wholesaler, and then transported them by boat to Ormoc. Our team members organized the distribution at a local chapel where everyone came to claim their 4 kg of rice, a can of sardines and one of beef.

Our batch fed nearly 700 people in Ormoc.

A government’s effort was also there days before us to distribute 1 kg of rice a and a can of sardines per person. Just one time!

Luckily, many other foreign organizations showed up with supplies but because of local ‘protocols’, most boxes never left the tarmac!

They thank us in advance for anything we can do. Provide shelter, light, food, clean water and help affected Families. Donate Now!