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While the typhoon’s winds destroyed thousands of roofs, many homes still have bearing walls to support a brand new roof built out of metal sheets that more weatherproof sustainable material than previously used. Thanks to local architects and engineers who evaluated the damage by zone and provided a cost-effective solution to quickly and efficiently rebuild roofs, as the rain continues to pour into houses.

Most roof need five sheets, the latter costing $20 each or around $100 for the entire roof.

That’s right, we can put a roof over each family in need for only $100. Our team has been gathering information of all houses that need work, dividing them in two groups: those in dire need of a roof and the others. The 3rd day we receive a generous donation from Europe from a certain Pascal who ordered twenty roofs at once and became the fuel for this spreading project.

As recognition, we chose to name the project after him.

We will upload photos continuously of each house you have helped with your donations.



They thank us in advance for anything we can do. Provide shelter, light, food, clean water and help affected Families. Donate Now!

Second Roof Operation

On December 14, we have completed the 2nd phase of our Roof Operation by delivering and installing a total of 42 roofs in one of the Ormoc’s area in desperate need for shelters, especially in the rainy season. That number may not be ‘through the roof’ so to speak, but in terms of people, that covers around 200 people! All that thanks ONLY to your donations!

Regardless of corruption and government lack of involvement, we will continue to provide roofs, lights and food one district at a time or quicker depending on our budget. If you are happy with the results of your donation, share it with your friends, online or at work – that could be very helpful.

Merry Christmas!




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